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  • 2015/04/18 - 2015/04/18 Baron Fork Ridge 3 Day Sasquatch Hunt For more information, contact Laurie Harris at
    All camping is free. Primitive camping, water is available (no hookups, though you may share the water line if your trailer has a shower - please unhook when you are finished). Hot water showers, groovy outhouse, large fire pit and plenty of room for grills if you care to bring one along (please no fires outside the fire pit area). Highline your horses or bring your own corrals. Stall rental available with one layer of shavings. Bring your own if you desire extra. Please provide your own buckets and feed tubs (do not use stall feeders unless you bring antiseptic and sterilize after use to prevent possible spread of disease). Generators are welcome. 6 miles of trails through the beautiful Ozark Hills, shady forest trails, creek side areas, valleys, meadows and mountain trails. Eagles and blue heron are often spotted along the way, whippoorwills sing us to sleep at night and the coyotes keep us awake! It's sasquatch season, so be mindful about your camping gear and edibles. Due to areas of extremely rocky creek gravel and Arkansas mountain rocks, shoes or boots are highly recommended.
  • 2015/11/07 - 2015/11/07 2nd Annual Fall Begin the Holidays CTC For more information, contact Patty White at
    Come start the holiday spirit with us as we give you a great ride at the Hidden Valley Preserve. The obstacles will be festive and and fun. The trail is mostly river bottom sand with many nice views to enjoy. A great way to de-stress! We will also have an AOC the next day, and camping with your own corrals or highlines is unlimited. It is dry camping however.